Broken Parachute - Gear



I use two electric guitars. My main axe is a Godin LGX signature, and I recorded the majority of ‘Down is the New Up’ tracks using this guitar. I also use a Burns Steer. I love its round tone for jazzier tracks such as ‘Sask’, but I find the lack of a cutaway sometimes restrictive for soloing.

Amp wise, I really enjoy my Polytone Mini-Brute, but often use various amp simulators for recorded work (Logic pro has a nice set). As for effects, a Fulltone Full-Drive 2 and a Budda Budwah are essential elements of my sound.

Finally, my bass is also made by Godin. I was abusing a Godin fretless for a while, but switched to the standard fretted style to regain some shred of dignity.


Most of the tracks have Hammond (XK3c) on them, and there’s a lot of piano from a Yamaha P80. Aside from that I’d like to say I’m using a Clavinet and a Wurli but in fact they’re actually both emulations coming from a Nord Stage 73, sometimes with mutron or amp simulation.

Occasionally, when Marcus was looking the other way, I snuck in a little bit of analogue synth, both the true Prophet P08, and the false prophet (virtual analogue à la Novation Nova or Nord). Vocally, I used just the one instrument – a quirky thing that I picked up about 35 years ago and have rarely been without ever since.